Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Diary of a Fledging Art Historian (Part 1)

As the first term at university draws to an end, I am already exhausted with the weekly 4 hour return drive down to Reading and juggling full time work with full time university assignments.  I've already had an argument with one tutor and am still adjusting to the huge differences between academic and corporate life.   My art criticism aspirations have also come to a grinding halt as all my spare time is currently devoted to course work.  I have managed to see Josephine Meckseper at Timothy Taylor Gallery, Phyllida Barlow at Hauser & Worth and Edgar Degas at the Royal Academy, but no reviews on the blog, I'm afraid.

Despite all this, I do love being on campus and look forward to getting down there every week. Art History fascinates me, but I keep getting distracted by different subjects and issues, whereas everyone else seems to be focussed on their dissertation subject already.  At the moment I am broadly thinking about early 20th century sculpture by women artists or the use of soft sculpture by 21st century women artists, but have no idea what the Big Dissertation Question will be yet.......

Anyway, this term we have been concentrating on research methods, along with debates and issues which lay the groundwork for future modules and I currently have a 3,000 word essay on art and globalisation to write over the Christmas holiday - Seasons Greetings!!