Thursday 9 June 2011

Thread(s), University Centre, Milton Keynes, Bucks (1-29 October 2010)

'Thread(s)' was held at University Centre, Milton Keynes from 1-29 October and featured sculpture and installation work by four member artists of awful/FANTASTIC!:

Jeannelise Edelsten, Patricia Rozental, Pippa Andrews and Debbie White.

Jeannelise Edelsten and Patricia Rozental studied together on the same art degree course. During that time they explored similar themes of time and decay in their practices and utilised similar materials. The individual results of their explorations reflect the diversity of visual responses possible by two artists. Patricia's work focuses on topics such as anatomy, self-portraiture, nature and female iconography and Jeannelise's most recent work has concentrated on creating a series of small plaster and porcelain coil pots. These 'thought pots' explore dyslexia and the feeling of exclusion by dyslexic students within the framework of current educational methods.

Pippa Andrews and Debbie White are members of Material Space, a group of artists who have a common background in stitched textiles. Whilst each individual artist continues to experiment and develop their own ideas and techniques, all members share an interest in working dimensionally, frequently producing 3-D pieces and installations. Often large in scale, and regularly incorporating a wide variety of media, these artists push the boundaries of conventional ideas and challenge their audiences’ perceptions of textiles and how they respond to them.

Pippa creates three dimensional forms informed by natural structures and zoomorphic architecture with their undulating planes, structural ‘ribs’ and surface ‘skins’. She uses natural and manufactured materials, recycled when possible and often juxtaposes these contrasting elements within a piece of work.

Debbie’s work centres on the relationship between repetitive processes and time with particular reference to textile construction.  She creates dimensional drawings in thread using spatial knotting, experimenting with form, materials and methods to explore vertical and horizontal layering and the transition from one plane to another.

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