Saturday, 25 June 2011

University of Northampton, The School of the Arts Summer Show, Northampton (9-17 June 2011)

It has been said that if you cannot find something nice to say about someone or something, then do not say anything at all.

I will therefore limit my comments to this show to in my humble opinion only a few of the graduating students produced individual pieces which were vaguely original and engaging and have a slim chance of establishing a career for themselves.  From reading their artist statements, most seemed to rehash old ideas and concerns which have been more convincingly executed many times before. The student who appeared to have been given a prime location at the entrance to the exhibition had very grand opinions on his greatness.

Even the staff research exhibition in the Avenue Gallery was an uninspiring affair, matching the atmosphere of the whole campus.

I came away, very aware of the limitations of my own degree study experience but very thankful that I had not applied to Northampton to do it.

Sorry everyone, but that's honestly the impression I came away with.  A very frustrating and depressing afternoon.

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