Thursday, 9 June 2011

Looking, Thinking, Drawing, Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury, Bucks (22 September-13 October 2008)

awful/FANTASTIC's second exhibition Looking, Thinking Drawing took place in the Main Gallery at Queens Park Arts Centre from 22 September to 12 October 2008 and was held as part of The Big Draw 2008.

The exhibition was a chance to show the wide and diverse uses and interpretations of drawing within contemporary art practice.  The fourteen selected artists whose work was included, were:
  • Sara Brown
  • Zoe Eaton
  • Jeannelise Edelsten
  • Isabel Fallow
  • Pete Giles
  • Christine Harris
  • Laura Jones
  • Lucy Landers
  • Liz Meier
  • Katarina Nyman
  • Hilary Sussum
  • Cally Trench
  • Georgina Vinsun
  • Jayne Wilton
Whilst it was difficult to determine visitor numbers as the exhibition was not stewarded, we received a great amount of very positive feedback from visitors, members and other artists regarding the standard of work on display and the curatorial vision of the show.

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