Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pavillion II, Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury, Bucks (8-29 November 2008)

Following the success of their first open themed exhibition in 2007, awful/FANTASTIC! were invited by Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury to hold a show in their central Art Gallery from 8-29 November 2008. Thirty-one selected artists presented a wonderful mix of both commercial and experimental work which included sculpture, video and site-specific installation. Exhibiting artists were a mix of members already known to us, people joining awful/FANTASTIC! in order to submit work and artists invited from local art college graduation shows, which added to the richness of the work displayed.

Around one hundred and fifty people attended the Preview on 8 November, with an encouraging number of visitors attending through the exhibition's three week run. Sales of work by Carry Ackroyd, Patricia Lynch and Sue Weinstock were achieved and their profile was raised by a number of articles in local press and the distribution of posters to key venues in surrounding counties in order to attract more visitors into Aylesbury.

We received incredibly positive feedback from comments left in our visitor book and verbally from people who were either involved in, or came to see the exhibition regarding its organisation, mix of engaging/thought provoking work and its overall presentation, for which we are very grateful and hope it benefits both us for future events and the individual profiles of our members.

The artists whose work was included, were:
  • Carry Ackroyd
  • Joanna Bryant
  • Heather Burwell
  • Stuart Bush
  • Celia Buttigieg
  • Katrina Covill
  • Jackie Crabtree
  • Zoe Eaton
  • Jeannelise Edelsten
  • Isabel Fallow
  • Mitzie Green
  • Christine Harris
  • Patricia Lynch
  • Mick Maslen
  • Pamela McMenamin
  • Liz Meier
  • Diana Noel
  • Katarina Nyman
  • Rowena Quilleash
  • Jayne Rawlings
  • Melissa Setterington
  • Kay Singla
  • Victoria Stanway
  • Linda Travers Smith
  • Cally Trench
  • Georgina Vinsun
  • Sue Weinstock
  • Rachel Westlake
  • Jayne Wilton
  • Ann Winder-Boyle
  • Roger Woodiwiss

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